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China Textile City: Printed Chiffon turnover growth

Manufacturers in many varieties with flowers, large quantities of transactions each year.

    Summer polyester filament apparel fabrics section front shop cloths companies and large salesrooms listed by a wide variety of colorful flowers, domestic demand and foreign trade and old customers to continue to subscribe varieties of flowers, domestic demand and foreign trade also subscribe new customers increase, innovative fabrics advantage in marketing, Paul edition registration pattern fabrics days of growth.

     Polyester thin summer fabrics to increase demand for oil pretty small, oil colorful strip, stretch Mickey, Mickey super soft fabric dyeing locally in bulk shipments. The new style thin summer fabrics move off local increase in the East part of the market on the first floor large salesrooms, jet weaving class willow crepe, organza, crepe gold leaf, Icy Crepe, Faille crepe, chiffon pearls, vintage yarn, yarn hazy Paris beads, diamond color crepe partial listing of species increased significantly, color in the fabric increased turnover partially active, new style color fabric prices relatively strong.

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