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Spring Fashion Color Trends: Blue to create "high cool" new look

Distinctive eye-catching but "approachable", high saturation navy blue people regardless of seasons and occasions Language which can match the fashionable style you want. Fashion blogger Sa Nita Morgan (Zanita Morgan) be hit with a bright orange color with shorts, with a hint of retro casual; stylists & fashion consultant Ada Kokosar a navy blue dress elegant classical carved, silver and metallic heels the faint blue light reflected from time to time Qinren endless; while street shooting Icon Taylor Tomasi (Taylor Tomasi) to floral shirt + Comme des Garcons shorts silhouette classic styling is navy blue outfit in a single product "masterpiece "posters compiled code can not help but let a chance with you some memorable ...... BaoYou want to talk about a refreshing love of fashion and glamor in a navy blue summer it?

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