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Online Textile City "entered" Textile Fair

Yesterday morning, the online Textile City Textile mobile showrooms, more than 1,400 pieces of textile focus on appearance . Many merchants by scanning a bar code scanner , visiting from the online textile expo .

    Reporters saw , like every piece of hanging on , have a bar code , buyers need to know specific information about a block of samples , just use a barcode scanner to scan the sample on the side of the computer screen will show the details of the product, and provide vendor contact information.

    Scene, as well as the online textile city professional customer service team , as buyers come to ask suppliers to provide consulting services, collection needs of buyers , with large databases and online textile city platform edge , post- trade cooperation.

    Relevant staff told reporters that this year , to create a professional online textile city market clusters, constantly optimize the products and services , apparel fabrics markets, wholesale children's clothing , garment processing market , and several other professional market in succession on the line.

    Online Textile City Textile Fair wireless Internet access in the region , relevant staff on-site display of these online markets and introduction , many textile enterprises through the introduction of customer service face to face , not only to enhance the understanding of the online textile city platform , but also to grasp upload products, to find a buyer and other electricity providers skills.

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