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庆颖公司始终致力于内衣面料,运动系列面料和泳装面料的开发及生产,相信我们会把握机会,创造价值,为广大买家提供优质的产品和服务! Your location:Home > News
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May 6 in the afternoon , this spring textile expo important supporting activities - Online Textile City will meet overseas buyers 16th Session held in the Asia-Pacific China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Centre , 50 from Japan, China Taiwan , the Philippines merchants came to the scene early , looking for the right supplier .

Full- Peng Wang Industrial Co., Ltd. are all veterans bit " electricity supplier " in the well-known clothing site only product meeting operates three apparel brands, apparel production in each of the 500,000 or so. In the eyes of the king of the whole school , keqiao fabric market like " treasure ." " Keqiao fabric market is very large, so I hope to find more fixed partner ." Said Wang whole .

From Japan "in the clear commercial" Muzi Hongbo main person in charge to do textile products and apparel. Arrived on site shortly and a wide jacquard fabric production roving vendors connected to the head . This is the second time Muzi Hongbo will meet the overseas buyers . Last time, he also found the right products and suppliers , including one , still maintained a cooperative relationship. He disclosed that due to the very rich variety keqiao fabrics , his annual worth 200-300 million dollars to purchase products keqiao .

Reporters at the scene , whether buyers or suppliers are mentioned , and now business is very difficult, however , many people are still on keqiao fabrics business confidence.

First time overseas buyers will meet Yao Suo Ai keqiao Textile Co., Ltd. will meet arrived not long after , on the success of "selling" a product ,

"Normally, we are very focused on product innovation , and ordinary compared to conventional products , the competitiveness of our products is stronger , there is no worries about the order ." Responsible person Mr. Jiang said.

In this regard , buyers Muzi Hongbo emotionally. He said that in recent years , a lot of big bucks keqiao merchants cooperate with the introduction of advanced equipment , product innovation , which makes keqiao products on the market has a strong competitive edge.

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