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The difference between the Cotton and Polyester

Refers to the blended cotton fabric is polyester as the main ingredient , cotton polyester blends are the main ingredients , using 65% -67 % -35 % polyester and 33% cotton blended yarn woven into textiles , commonly known as cotton Dacron polyester fabric .

Polyester features:
Only highlights the style of polyester cotton fabrics have strengths in dry and wet conditions are good flexibility and abrasion resistance , dimensional stability, shrinkage is small, with a straight, easy to fold , washable, quick-drying characteristics. Not ironing and boiling water with a high temperature .

Cotton disadvantages:
Cotton polyester fibers which are hydrophobic fiber , a strong affinity for greasy , easily absorbed oil, but the process is easy to produce static wear and absorb dust , difficult to wash , but not soaking and boiling water with a high temperature ironing .

Cotton classification :
Customers often buy shirts all know , a lot of cotton shirt fabrics marked or CVC . " Polyester " and " Cotton " , the word order of a change became two different fabrics. " Polyester " refers polyester fabric components accounted for more than 60% , cotton 40% what ingredients ; " Cotton " on the contrary, is the composition of the surface is above 60% ​​, 40% polyester ingredients look .

Then, " cotton " and " Cotton " two kinds of fabric, to find out which is better? This depends on the customer's preferences and the actual needs. In other words , you want a shirt features polyester fabric a little more, then choose " cotton " in the hope Myanmar features more on the election , " Cotton ."
Polyester is a mixture of polyester and cotton , cotton comfortable feel inferior . Han wearing sweat absorption and better than cotton . Polyester is the highest in the first production of a large variety of synthetic fibers . Polyester has multiple trade name " polyester " is China 's trade name . Chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate , which is usually formed by chemical polymerization , and therefore often with the scientific name "Poly ." Polyester also called polyester. Structure and Performance: morphology is determined by the orifices , conventional polyester circular cross-section , without the cavity. Changing the cross-sectional shape of the fiber , the shaped fiber may be prepared . Improve the brightness and cohesion . Macromolecular fiber crystallinity, high degree of orientation , the high strength fibers ( viscose fibers is 20 times ) , good abrasion resistance . Flexibility not wrinkle , stiff conformal good , light , heat resistance, fast drying after washing iron , wash and wear good performance.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric , not easy perspiration . Feels prickly feeling pull easily from static electricity , slanting appears to have light.
Polyester blended fabric is a variety of the early 1960s in the development of the fiber has a crisp , smooth, quick-drying , durable and other characteristics , the majority of consumers. Currently, the proportion of blended varieties have been from the original 65% polyester and 35% cotton , etc. become 65:35,55:45,50:50,20:80 blends various proportions , which are designed to adapt to different levels consumers.

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