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庆颖公司始终致力于内衣面料,运动系列面料和泳装面料的开发及生产,相信我们会把握机会,创造价值,为广大买家提供优质的产品和服务! Your location:Home > News
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4 China Textile City: Printed Chiffon turnover growth2014-5-23
4 FoShan NanHai QingYing Textile Fabric Co.,Ltd.Site revi...2014-5-23
4 Spring Fashion Color Trends: Blue to create "high cool"...2014-5-23
4 Online Textile City "entered" Textile Fair2014-5-23
4 Away from overseas2014-5-23
4 The difference between the Cotton and Polyester2014-5-23
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